Drawstring Kitebag


An upcycled drawstring kitebag is perfect for an extra bag on your trip. It is light and easy fold up for when you do not need it. For yourself or a friend a unique item with a characteristic design! Don?t start your trip without one.

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The upcycled drawstring kitebag for kiteboarders from Bungaloo is designed to be unique. This drawstring kitebag is perfect to take with you to the beach or traveling because it is light and can easily be packed away when not needed.

The drawstring kitebag for everyday use:

  • It is light and easy to take with as an additional bag for your holiday
  • Fits a small towel
  • Doesn’t matter when it gets wet, its is made from kites.
  • Perfect size to take your swimmer and sunscreen to the beach

Every upcycled kitebag for kiteboarders has a unique look. Meaning, there is only one design available per piece. The kite bags are carefully made from used kites. Off course this doesn’t effect any of the strength or durability of the bag. Besides the bags can handle a bit of water. The canopy of the kites are made from very strong, long lasting material. Kites are designed like this because they have to deal with all the elements nature throws at us when we are out on the water.

Before the kites are upcycled into a Bungaloo drawstring kitebag,? the canopy will be closely inspected for its strength or any damaged or weak spots. After this inspection, the patterns will be cut out and will be thoroughly washed and dried before being used for the bags. The aim is to use as much material from the kite as possible. This means that besides the canopy, also the material from the leading edge and the kite lines are being upcycled.

At Bungaloo, they are proud to be able to produce these upcycled kitebags. As ocean addicts they like to take care of the environment as much as KITE LIFE does. Using the kites, Bungaloo has the ability to create new unique products for us to use many more years. Also have a look at this amazing Safari Duffel Bag.

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