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Are you ready to give Wingfoiling a try? Or you just rather travel lightly and like to Rent? You are at the right adress to make you holiday unforgetable.

Wingfoiling is a thrilling new sport. It is a relatively new sport that combines the excitement of windsurfing, kitesurfing, and surfing into one. It involves using a small inflatable wing to harness the power of the wind and propel yourself across the water on a hydrofoil board.

One of the great things about wingfoiling is that it can be done in a wide range of conditions, from light winds to strong winds and it’s very accessible to many people.

Are you ready for a full body work out, while playing with the elements of mother nature?

To experience a feeling that’s hard to describe, but once you experience it, you’ll be hooked?

Whether you are a beginner or already advanced in Wingfoiling, Obidos is the place to be. The perfect flat water lagoon is the perfect spot for your wingfoil lesson or rental. Start your Adventure now!

At KITE LIFE we offer beginner and advanced lessons. You can either learn privately or have a lesson with someone else.

Reserve your spot now.  After you have selected a date we will be in touch with you to discuss lessons and times.

You can also reach out on: +351 912 701 573

No wind, no worries. Have you checked out our other activities yes? We also offer Stand up paddle boarding and Mountain biking. Rental, Lessons and Tours, no time to get bored in Obidos!