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Every KITE LIFE Backpack shares a story. The bags have a unique design because they have been made from kites that where once flying in the air. The up-cycled material give the bag extra character. There is only one item available per design, since they are all unique.

The first photo shows the bag. The lifestyle photos could display a different design.

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The unique upcycled Trippin kite backpacks from Bungaloo are designed to give a lot of space for your belongings. The several compartments make it possible to organize your items easily. Besides, extra attention has been given to make sure the bags a strong and durable with the additional inside layer to provide.

Features Bungaloo Trippin Backpack:

  • There is a compartment for your 15-inch laptop.
  • Inside pocket for your phone and option to pull through the wire of your headphones.
  • On top of the backpack there is a fleece pocket with a zipper, perfect for your sunglasses.
  • On the left side you will be able to store your drink bottle.
  • Front pocket has a key holder and small storage compartments.
  • Additional second front pocket

Every upcycled trippin kite backpack has a unique look. Meaning, there is only one design available per piece. The kite bags are carefully made from used kites. Off course this doesn’t effect any of the strength or durability of the bag. The canopy of the kites are made from very strong, long lasting material. Kites are designed like this because they have to deal with all the elements nature throws at us when we are out on the water.

Before using the kites and to ensure the production of long lasting kite bags,? the canopy will be closely inspected for its strength or any damaged or weak spots. After this inspection, the patterns will be cut out and will be thoroughly washed and dried before being used for the bags. The aim is to use as much material from the kite as possible. This means that besides the canopy, also the material from the leading edge and the kite lines are being upcycled.

At Bungaloo, they are proud to be able to produce these upcycled kite backpacks. The kites gives them the ability to create new unique products which will give us pleasure for many more years.

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