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”Years later, after my flamingo episode, the same beach introduced me to kiteboarding.”

Let me introduce myself. My name is Rachel, a passionate kiteboarder that started kiting in 2009. Quite funny actually, since the beach wasn’t my best friend when I was three years old. Back in the days, my parents could place me on a big bright beach towel, and I wouldn’t move an inch. As a little girl I would stand on the towel like a flamingo with one leg up trying to touch the sand and pull back. No way I was leaving that towel.

Years later, after my flamingo episode, the same beach introduced me to kiteboarding. I couldn’t image a life without the beach anymore. The sand and especially the ocean have become my best friend in so many ways.

KITE LIFE, it says it in the name. The Kiteboarding Lifestyle, find a spot and kite all day. Surround yourself with all the elements nature throws at you. KITE LIFE is all about beaches, ocean and nature. But most importantly, KITE LIFE is about taking care of that what we love.

Every day we make choices. Choices about life, choices a about the future, and choices about which products we use. What if, we change one little thing in how we make choices about the products we use in our daily life. By a simple change, we could contribute to take care of the environment. Sometimes, the solution is simple and sometimes it will take a little bit more effort. Either way, with every decision we make there is a chance to make a difference.

“As long as we ask ourselves,
how we can do better.
Then along the way,
we will learn together”

The KITE LIFE story started with kitebags up-cyled from Kites. Nowadays, we are adding products that contribute to every aspect of your kiteboard lifestyle. Whether this is in your day to day life or during your travels. KITE LIFE is a sustainable lifestyle store for the Wind Chasers.

Our products are carefully picked out and focus on contribute to a eco-friendly lifestyle. We do not want to see plastic floating around in the ocean, we do not want to see beautiful landscapes disappear. With KITE LIFE we focus on sustainability by simple choices. All products offered have a unique story and contribute to the vision of taking care of the environment.

KITE LIFE is not doing this alone. We have partnered up with multiple brands that have already started the movement of sustainable living. We are proud to be working with these brands and are always looking for possibilities to extent the assortment. If you are a brand with a story and would like to be featured on our website than we would like to speak to you. It doesn’t matter whether you are a big of a small brand, what matters is the story you are trying to tell. Please reach out to us because we would love to hear from you. You can contact us through our contact page.

Happy Kiting